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A.L.I.V.E. with Jessica Silverman Podcast

A.L.I.V.E. with Jessica Silverman Podcast

From corporate to the creative life, Jessica Silverman stepped away from a six-figure career in venture capital in San Francisco to start her own venture, all inspired initially from a podcast!

Learn how in this powerful show full of golden nuggets to help you learn how you can come ALIVE in your creative prowess, while creating financial + energetic flow.

Each episode will help you uncover the secrets to debunking the "starving artist" myth! 

11 Modules

Ep 1: Come ALIVE with Me!

Ep 2: The Day You Were Born

Ep 3: How Anxiety Can Be the Answer

Ep 4: Listen to the Whispers Within + Trust Yourself

Ep 5: The Unspoken Miracles of 2020

Ep 6: Faith, Finances, and Stigmas of Starting (or Pivoting) an Online Biz with Ryan Silverman

Ep 7: Escape from the Everyday

Ep 8: How to Increase your Influence on Social Media Organically

Ep 9: Honoring Black Stories with Milan Bush

Ep 10: Rainier Wylde on Wearing our Wounds

Ep 11: Gathering at the Good Table with Jenny + Dave Marrs

Modules for this product 11
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