The Live Vibrant Sisterhood is NOW calling women who seek to rediscover the lost parts of herself. To fall in LOVE ❤️ with LIFE again. The journey begins September 12, 2022.

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Live Vibrant Live: 8 Weeks to Amp Up Your Life! {Spring 2022 edition}

Do you desire a release from the constant thoughts that consume your mind, drain your energy + leave you feeling lost in a sea of thoughts and ideas everyday? 

Are you feeling anxious about the future, or traumatized by your past to the point where it's affecting your everyday actions, relationships, and psyche? 

You're not alone. 

I created this community for souls like you, who long to feel alive, to liberate yourself from the layers of life that have drained your energy and left you feeling outside of your own skin.


What is Live Vibrant?

Through this 10-week LIVE program, you will gain more energy, peace of mind, clarity, and motivation to reach your goals, whether that's launching your biz, losing weight, or uncovering your true purpose and feeling more fulfilled by learning WHY you’re here.

To release the mental chatter that when left untouched, can become all-consuming and lead to a life filled with anxieties that continue to control you. 

So you are probably thinking right now, is this for me?

The next round starts April 1st, 2022 on the New Moon of Aries (birth of the Zodiac and your desires)! 

LYVF is for you if you desire to....

  • Have more energy to tap into all the things you love!
  • Feel confident making choices everyday without guilt or shame.
  • AMP UP your quality of life + learn more about the power of the mind-body connection
  • Live in alignment with your core values
  • Balance life’s commitments and have more time for yourself and loved ones
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin!
  • Experience peace of mind and serenity
  • Find more clarity + focus in your true purpose and understand WHY you are here, who are you meant to serve, and what’s the first step on that journey?
  • Return to your inner child and authentic nature and uncover your TRUE self
  • Be mindful + more present for your loved ones
  • Stop spending so much time in your own head + finally overcome your deepest fears that are keeping you STUCK!

Through the power of the collective, you will feel supported, seen, and loved as you are throughout this entire experience. 

In this post-pandemic society, you may feel you are craving REAL human connection. 

Live Vibrant is your escape from the everyday, to connect to your consciousness in a way that remains untouched in your everyday existence. 

To move beyond the facade of "reality" into the truth within yourself, longing to be you. 

Want to try before you buy? If you're feeling the urge to join, but sensing some hesitation to commit, or want to feel the experience first in a micro-dose for FREE, join the Live Vibrant challenge - snag your spot here!

What's included?

This program includes:

  • Rituals that take only 5-10 minutes a day to help you break outside of the "routine".

  • Bi-weekly (6) LIVE sessions to bring the teachings to life and help you revive the spirit of your life.
  • Powerful guided meditations/visualizations in each session to shift your perspective + psyche while healing old wounds, and past traumas that are programmed within.

  • High caliber coaching from an expert in mental wellness + mindset for over 6+ years. 

  • Recordings of each session in case you miss a week.

  • A downloadable PDF workbook you'll use as part of the program and to help you track your progress.

  • A private community of like souls who get you, and will help elevate you to help you know you're not alone.

And....two limited time BONUSES if you sign up by March 1, 2022! 

  • A copy of Jessica's favorite book including daily rituals to help deepen the experience of healing energy (it's a surprise!)
  • A FREE month membership to the Digitally Savvy Collective to help you grow + blossom your online business to bring the divine ideas that spark here to LIFE! (and make $ doing what you truly love to do!). 

Don't continue to suffer in silence. Let's fall in love with live again together, as a collective.

Saying YES to yourself is the most powerful way to honor your existence, to live a truly VIBRANT life you have been longing for. 

What are past students saying?

9 Modules

Week One: Your Authentic Spirit + Uncovering your POWER

To uncover the TRUE you. The version of you that resembles your childlike spirit, but somehow life reshaped you in the lady you have become today.

But where is the little girl inside you? The free spirit who moved gracefully through life without a care in the world! The little girl who believed she could, so she did.

Week Two: Releasing Toxicity + Rewriting Your Story

In this week's module, you will have an opportunity to release scarce energy + invite ABUNDANT energy as you continue on this journey of self-discovery and exploration.

You will begin by diving deeper into the awareness you sparked in Week One.

Week Three: Healing Your Soul With Self-Love

We'll go beyond the bubble baths + pedicures this week to discover how to LOVE YOURSELF at the Soul level to achieve true enlightenment and inner peace.

Then, you'll have some fun crafting your own daily self-love rituals with a simple 10 minute commitment to yourself!

Week Four: REVIVE Your Body Through Food

What is your relationship with food?

Did you realize that what you put in your body is connected to your energy levels, stress + anxiety response, and even HOW YOU SLEEP?

This week, we'll take a deeper look at the hidden truths behind nutrition, and finally uncover the REALITY of how what you eat is connected to EVERYTHING that you do...

Week Five: Restorative Sleep

Week 5 is all about getting your precious ZZZ's....and SO MUCH MORE!

Sleep is much more intricate than you may think, and this week, I really want you to stay open and curious as to how SLEEP is the spark that fuels everything else in your life...your choices, your health + wellness, your stress levels, even your relationships and career are a product of how you RESTORE your mind + body after a day of running on empty!

Week Six: Managing Stress Through Mindfulness

Week 6 - Managing Stress Through Mindfulness, a week dedicated to releasing your stress!

This week, you will take a deeper dive into what causes your daily stress, and how it's all connected to your ENERGY levels!

Week Seven: Ancient Practices for Energy Flow

Week 7 you will continue to DESTRESS through Energy Flow practices used by the world's wisdom traditions for centuries!

Somehow, the Western world has been behind the times (reverting even backwards as of late!) - focusing on all that you need to DO, instead of all you need to BE.

Week Eight: Spiritual Rituals for Living With Intention + Mastering Your VIBRANT!

The Final Week on this gorgeous journey towards living a more VIBRANT life!

This week, you will have an opportunity to dive into the unknown and learn some spiritual tools to help you ELEVATE yourself to a higher vibration and tie in this immersive experience with Samadhi, the merging into one.

Modules for this product 9

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